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Growing our regional economy together

Working for your success – specialist services for business owners.

We look after businesses from start-up, through growth and expansion to succession and exit. Whatever the size of your business we will work with you and for you to help you achieve your success.

Our Business team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer accountancy services which go far beyond the expected. We pride ourselves on our ‘can do’ approach.

Our specialisms include:

  • Strategic Planning, including blue sky thinking for your business. Where is your business now? – Where do you want to get to?
  • Business Plans – your blueprint for success. Monitoring progress, controlling cash flow, and benchmarking your performances.
  • Online cloud accountings services such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks provides real-time financial reporting and we interpret this data to your business advantage.
  • Are you expanding your business or buying another? We assess if the sums add up, provide due diligence, and help find the funding. Our financial modelling means you can make decisions based on clear financial data.
  • The government provides Tax incentives for you to use. Our tax specialists help you take advantage of the opportunities.
  • Research and Development tax allowances where you can get up to 230% of tax paid back
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and SEISs can offer major advantages in funding your business.
  • Share incentive schemes to better retain and encourage staff involvement.
  • Maximizing capital allowance claims
  • Tax efficient remuneration
  • Business structures
  • Auto enrolment and pensions. These need not be  a negative drain on your business. Our specialists show how they can be used in a positive way for recruitment and to help retention of the staff you need.
  • HMRC Tax investigations. These happen to anyone and are a major business distraction and expense. We can help you protect against the cost and minimise disruption
  • Are you heading to towards retirement or business exit? Our Corporate Finance specialism can help you optimise your business for sale, look at Capital Gains Tax issues to ensure you maximise Entrepreneurs Relief and prepare Inheritance Tax strategies.
  • Our Financial Planning specialists help you achieve the security of financial independence for both yourself and your family so you can relax during retirement

Outsourced accounting services that flex to your needs

Our outsourced accounting services offer a flexible, all-inclusive solution designed to help you easily and cost effectively outsource many of the financial functions of your business whilst at the same time ensuring you meet your various statutory and regulatory responsibilities.  From undertaking the administrative tasks of bookkeeping, management accounts, payroll, VAT, tax returns, etc. to assisting with strategic planning as a “virtual” Finance Director we support businesses of all sizes.  We have gained extensive experience that allows us to efficiently and seamlessly perform administrative financial functions on behalf of our clients and present our clients with valuable insights and recommendations that address the concerns of their business.Outsourced Accounting Services diagram

How we can help

Acting as one of your own team

Our dedicated team of accountants, bookkeepers and payroll staff can visit your premises to process your work or if it is preferable simply send your paperwork to us and we will process it and return it to you within an agreed timeframe.

Our experienced staff are familiar with major software packages including SageXeroQuickbooks and Excel, ensuring we can deliver suitable accountancy services working to your existing financial systems and infrastructure.

Quality communication is fundamental to our service.  We will establish a monthly communication timetable that fits with your monthly workflow and includes specific calendar events throughout the year to accommodate your board meetings, holidays, etc.  Our communication plan includes the use of e-mail, telephone, Skype, face-to-face and DocSafe (a secure web portal for secure information exchange).

Future efficiencies

We constantly challenge the way we do things to make sure we continue to deliver best value.  If we can find ways streamlining our processes and providing you with better management information, even if this is at the expense of our own fees, we will bring these ideas to you.

Save on payroll costs and keep everyone happy

Payroll Services Yeovil

Are your payroll services up to scratch?

A happy workforce is a productive and motivated one. Paying your staff on time, calculating and processing statutory deductions, maintaining accurate and secure records, administering pensions and benefits are all key to employee satisfaction.

No matter how large or small your workforce, managing all of these duties whilst complying with the tax and employment laws can be time-consuming.  Reporting in real time to HMRC and complying with Auto Enrolment regulations may absorb time and energy you cannot spare.  What’s more, employing a qualified payroll professional on a full or part-time basis may not be your most cost-efficient option.

Fully aligned to your business needs

Albert Goodman can securely manage your entire payroll. Working in partnership with you, a dedicated payroll manager and support team will:

  • Provide burden-free payroll processing, including tax calculations, sick pay, maternity pay, HMRC returns, pension deductions and reports, child support agency deductions and end-of-year returns
  • Generate payment by BACS, as well as e-payslips
  • Advise and prepare communications on upcoming changes in employment and tax laws.

Equally, we respect that you may wish to retain some or all elements of your payroll operations in-house.  We are happy to provide ad-hoc support, including a little bit of extra administrative support as you approach year-end, share information about the best payroll software on the market or advise on legislative changes.

Fully GDPR compliant payroll service.

Our Payroll Services team have robust systems in place to ensure both client and personal data is held and handled securely and that all policies adhere to the present GDPR regulations.

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How we can help

Are you Auto Enrolment ready?

Do you know the date when you must automatically enrol workers into your pension? We can review your pension arrangements, clarify your staging date and legal responsibilities, assist with communications to ensure you are completely compliant and ready on or before your “staging date”.

Structuring your business affairs tax efficiently

We can’t think of a single enterprise that would willingly pay more tax than they needed to yet, due to complexities, many do miss out on significant tax saving opportunities.

Our three partners and 20-strong tax team are skilled in developing tax strategies for the lifetime of a business. Taking into account the ever-changing tax legislation, we aim to keep things simple. Above all, we will look to save you business tax, keep you compliant and maximise your cashflow.

From start-up to expansion, family handover to exit, whatever phase your business is going through, our tax specialists will put together a proactive plan that works for your position,  now and into the future. We will even factor in your savings and financial choices, all of which can impact the amount of income you have available when you reach retirement.

How we can help

Bespoke tax solutions to suit your business tax needs

We routinely discuss issues as a team and draw upon our sector expertise to resolve specific challenges. Preparing and filing hundreds of personal, corporate and VAT tax returns each year, our tax experts can also advise on:

  • Tax efficient business structures to help reduce your company’s tax liabilities
  • Employee reward packages, including benefits, pension and shareholding options
  • Compliance issues, ensuring costly penalties and damage to business reputation are avoided
  • Business incentives and tax reliefs, including capital allowances, research and development, the patent box, contaminated land and business premises renovations
  • Business sales and acquisitions, reducing risks and tax bills
  • Overseas expansion, inward investment opportunities and transfer pricing rules

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Specialist support to resolve HMRC enquiries

For most people, tax investigations are a daunting and stressful experience and even more so when your records are under intense scrutiny and you are facing HMRC investigations on your own.

Whether you have been approached for a record check, compliance visit, intervention disclosure, or an investigation by any other name, our specialist tax team can help. Our senior tax professionals know what HMRC are looking for, so we can get to the bottom of issues, source evidence and get cases resolved with minimal disruption to you.

We can advise, represent and defend your interests. If any tax, interest or penalties are due, we will strive to negotiate the lowest settlements. In addition to income, corporation, capital gains, VAT and inheritance tax, we have significant experience in managing employment disputes, IR35 enquiries and offshore disclosures.

Reassurance that someone’s on your side

Throughout your HMRC investigation, we will:

  • Inform you on the best way to cooperate with HMRC, evidence you will need to produce, mistakes to avoid and records that you do not need to disclose.
  • Argue your case, stand up for your rights, draft responses, and make sure you are treated fairly.
  • Provide regular updates on progress, rules and regulations and how long your tax investigation case is likely to last.
  • Estimate tax due, plus interest and likely penalties early on, so you can budget accordingly.
  • Always seek to reduce any tax liabilities as far as possible, quite often to nil, before then negotiating to ensure you pay penalties at the lowest rate.
  • Prepare submissions and provide representation at tribunal appeals.

Improve business margins and mitigate your indirect tax liabilities

Our dedicated VAT Team help our extensive client base to plan ahead, improve cashflow, save money and stay compliant. We have gained our excellent reputation by cutting through VAT complexities and offering down-to-earth, practical VAT advice solutions

Aside from registering your business, ensuring that VAT is correctly accounted for and submitting your returns, we’ve found that regular health checks and forward planning often reveal significant cost saving opportunities.

Protect your future business profitability

We can advise on:

  • Cash recovery – reviewing indirect tax liabilities, ensure you are paying the correct amount, recovering overpaid VAT and claiming retrospective VAT refunds
  • Special VAT schemes – small businesses may benefit from Cash Accounting and the Flat Rate Schemes, we can examine your situation and help you make an informed choice
  • Transaction support and structuring – pre-empting indirect tax implications during the early stage of deals can reduce your tax liabilities later down the line
  • Dispute resolution and penalties – assisting with inspection preparations, investigations, mediation with the HMRC and negotiating settlements of outstanding liabilities
  • Litigation cases – acting for your business in tax disputes and reviewing documentation for tribunal appeals

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